~Aries, ♈, Mars, Cardinal, Positive, Selfhood, Courageous, forceful, direct, impatient, leader, Golden ram with golden fleece, Jason and the Argonauts, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, 1st, Head, face, “I am”



~Taurus, ♉, Venus, Fixed, Negative, Sensuality, Stable, grounded, loyal, stubborn, luxurious, Zeus disguises himself as bull to seduce Europa, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, 2nd, Neck, throat, “I have”



~Gemini, ♊, Mercury, Mutable, Positive, Curiosity, Adaptable, lively, intellectual, nervous, inconsistent, Twins Castor and Pollux, Argonauts, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, 3rd, Arms, hands, lungs, “I think”

Gemini Gemin


~Leo, ♌, Sun, Fixed, Positive, Vitality, Confident, generous, loyal, stubborn, theatrical, Slaying the Nemaean lion, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, 5th, Heart, spine, upper back, “I will”



LeoHey there, cosmic stars! 🌟 Ready to bask in the golden glow of Leo, the radiant lion of the zodiac? Get those shades on because we’re about to dive into the ♌ magic, where the Sun takes center stage and lights up the cosmic runway!

Introduction: Leo’s Dazzling Cosmic Show

Welcome to the celestial theatre of life, where Leo struts in with the ♌ symbol, stealing the spotlight! Imagine the zodiac as a grand stage, and Leo? Oh, they’re the flamboyant lead performers, no doubt.

Leo’s Tale: Roaring Confidence and Cosmic Generosity

Step into the cosmic realm of Leo, ruled by the mighty Sun – the cosmic battery charging them with vitality and confidence. Fixed sign alert! Leo is like the seasoned actor, exuding generosity, loyalty, and a touch of stubbornness that adds spice to their cosmic character.

Picture this: the loyal lionheart, generous to a fault, and confident enough to light up the darkest corners of the universe. Leo, you’re the zodiac’s drama royalty, ready to steal the show with your theatrical flair.

And oh, the cosmic highlight reel – slaying the Nemean lion! Leo’s journey is a heroic saga, a metaphor for conquering challenges and emerging victorious. A round of applause for our celestial lion!

Zodiac Squad: Fire Sign Bonanza

In the cosmic crew, Leo shares the stage with Sagittarius and Aries. It’s a fire sign bonanza, a trio of passion, energy, and unstoppable cosmic flames. Watch out, universe – this squad is on fire!

Physical Domain: Heart, Spine, and Cosmic Declarations

In the physical realm, Leo takes the reins of the 5th house, ruling over the heart, spine, and upper back. Treat your cosmic heart like royalty, Leo, and let your spine be the regal scepter guiding you through life. After all, it’s all about that cosmic posture!

The mantra of Leo? A resounding “I will.” These cosmic beings declare their intentions to the universe with unwavering confidence. Leo, you’re the architects of your destiny – paint it with bold strokes!

Conclusion: Embrace Your Cosmic Royalty

In a cosmic nutshell, Leo, you’re the dazzling showstopper of the zodiac, gracing the celestial stage with your golden presence. Embrace your generosity, loyalty, and unapologetic confidence. The universe is your stage – roar, shine, and leave a trail of stardust!

So, my celestial companions, let your cosmic light shine bright, and may your journey be as regal as the lion’s roar. Until next time, stay fabulous, stay confident, and let the cosmic spotlight be your guide! 🌟🦁💛


~Virgo, ♍, Mercury, Mutable, Negative, Service, Practical, meticulous, analytical, critical, fussy, Persephone abducted by Pluto, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, 6th, Intestines, digestive organs, “I analyze”

VirgoVirgo, the cosmic perfectionists and diligent wizards of the zodiac? Buckle up as we journey through the meticulous world of the ♍ symbol, where Mercury takes center stage, orchestrating the cosmic symphony of practicality and service.

Introduction: Virgo’s Cosmic Workshop

Step into the enchanted realm of Virgo, where the ♍ symbol sets the stage for a celestial workshop of precision and analysis. Imagine the zodiac as a cosmic lab, and Virgo? Oh, they’re the diligent scientists, weaving spells of service and practicality.

Virgo’s Saga: Meticulous Minds and Cosmic Critique

Picture this: Mercury, the cosmic messenger, guides Virgo through the mutable realm. Negative energy? Not in a bad way – it’s all about adaptability and a cosmic knack for detail.

Virgos, you’re the maestros of service, the diligent guardians of practical wisdom. Meticulous, analytical, and sometimes a tad critical – it’s all part of your cosmic charm. Fussy? Nah, just appreciating the finer details!

And here’s a cosmic myth to spice up the story: the tale of Persephone abducted by Pluto. Virgo, your journey echoes Persephone’s resilience – navigating the underworld of details, only to emerge stronger and wiser.

Zodiac Allies: Earthy Companions

In the cosmic fellowship, Virgo finds kindred spirits in Capricorn, Taurus, and Pisces. It’s an earthy rendezvous, a gathering of practical minds and grounded souls. Teamwork makes the cosmic dream work!

Physical Realms: Intestines, Digestive Organs, and Analytical Whispers

Zooming into the physical realm, Virgo commands the 6th house, overseeing intestines and digestive organs. Cosmic tip: treat your body like the temple it is. Virgo, your analytical prowess extends to health – a master of the mind and body connection.

The Virgo mantra? “I analyze.” These cosmic sleuths thrive on dissecting details, seeking patterns, and weaving the cosmic tapestry with the threads of practical wisdom.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Cosmic Craftsmanship

In a cosmic nutshell, Virgo, you’re the celestial craftsmen, sculpting life with precision and dedication. Embrace your meticulous nature, for in the details, the magic resides. You’re the cosmic organizers, turning chaos into cosmic order.

So, my diligent companions, let your analytical whispers guide you, and may your journey be a masterpiece of cosmic craftsmanship. Until next time, stay grounded, stay practical, and let the cosmic details weave the story of your celestial adventure! 🌿🔍💫


Libra~Libra, ♎, Venus, Cardinal, Positive, Harmony, Diplomatic, gracious, peace-maker, superficial, indecisive, Scales of justice held by Themis, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, 7th, Kidneys, lower back, “I balance”

Hello, cosmic peacemakers! 🌸✨ Ready to step into the enchanting world of Libra, the celestial harmonizers and diplomats of the zodiac? Let’s waltz through the graceful domain of the ♎ symbol, where Venus takes the cosmic stage, orchestrating a symphony of balance, diplomacy, and charm.

asatro 100x100 zodiac signs 19

Libra, the celestial harmonizers and diplomats of the zodiac? Let’s waltz through the graceful domain of the ♎ symbol, where Venus takes the cosmic stage, orchestrating a symphony of balance, diplomacy, and charm.

Introduction: Libra’s Cosmic Ballroom

Enter the cosmic ballroom of Libra, where the ♎ symbol sets the scene for a dance of harmony and diplomacy. Picture the zodiac as a grand masquerade, and Libra? They’re the elegant hosts, twirling through life with grace and poise.

Libra’s Odyssey: Diplomacy and Cosmic Elegance

Venus, the cosmic enchantress, guides Libra through the cardinal realm, infusing their essence with positivity and a love for harmony. Libras, you’re the peace-makers, the diplomats, and the embodiment of grace. Your cosmic dance is a ballet of charm and diplomacy.

Gracious and harmonious, Libras exude a charm that captivates the cosmic audience. But, let’s keep it real – the indecisiveness and a touch of superficiality? It’s all part of the cosmic package. After all, who can blame you for being drawn to beauty and balance?

And here’s a cosmic myth to add a dash of drama: Libra, you hold the Scales of Justice, just like Themis in Greek mythology. Your journey echoes the pursuit of balance and fairness, a cosmic quest for harmony.

Zodiac Allies: Airy Connections

In the cosmic fellowship, Libra finds kindred spirits in Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius. It’s an airy rendezvous, a meeting of minds that soar through the boundless skies of ideas and ideals. Team Air, unite!

Physical Realms: Kidneys, Lower Back, and the Art of Balance

Zooming into the physical realm, Libra takes charge of the 7th house, overseeing kidneys and the lower back. Cosmic tip: Balance isn’t just a metaphor, Libra – take care of your physical scales and nurture your cosmic equilibrium.

The Libra mantra? “I balance.” These cosmic artists thrive on finding equilibrium, whether in relationships, decisions, or the delicate dance of life.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Cosmic Elegance

In a cosmic nutshell, Libra, you’re the celestial ballerinas, dancing through life with elegance and grace. Embrace your diplomatic spirit, for in your harmonious steps, the universe finds balance. You’re the cosmic architects of beauty and peace.

So, my graceful companions, let your charm light up the cosmic ballroom, and may your journey be a dance of cosmic elegance. Until next time, stay harmonious, stay charming, and let the cosmic balance be your guiding star! 🌺💃✨

Excerpt from “First steps in Astrology” by Liz Greene, 1977











SignElementRuling PlanetModalityPolarityQualityCrystals
CapricornEarthSaturnCardinalNegativePassiveRuby zoiste

Let me know if any other details should be added!

Sign Major Arcana Minor Arcana Theme
Aries The Emperor Wands Selfhood
Taurus The Hierophant Pentacles Sensuality
Gemini The Lovers Swords Curiosity
Cancer The Chariot Cups Feeling
Sign Modality Motivation Approach
Aries Cardinal Initiating Direct
Leo Fixed Sustaining Loyal
Sagittarius Mutable Adapting Wanderer
Sign Modality Motivation Approach
Aries Cardinal Initiating Direct
Leo Fixed Sustaining Loyal
Sagittarius Mutable Adapting Wanderer
Taurus Fixed Sustaining Steady
Virgo Mutable Adapting Helpful
Scorpio Fixed Sustaining Intense
Aquarius Fixed Sustaining Objective

Excerpt from “First steps in Astrology” by Liz Greene, 1977

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